Weather forecast was actually very good for this morning, so I decided to get out of bed early to capture today’s sunrise.
I had a hard time deciding last night, but eventually I chose the Dwingelderveld National Park as my location.

When I left home, the weather was misty and grey. Not really what I expected. Think positive, just go and hope for better weather 60km south!
Unfortunately, conditions remained grey. All clouds and mist, no sun. Still managed to get some nice shots I think, reflecting the cold winter morning:
Dwingelderveld: Cold winter morning
45 minutes after sunrise … still no sun. I decided to go back to the car and drive to another part of the national park, basically to scout locations for future sessions. While arriving there, I saw the sun shine through the clouds just a little bit, but already giving the heath fields a nice golden glow.

I parked the car, got my stuff out and only needed to walk for a few metres. Light was getting nicer and nicer, finally resulting in the below photo. 5 minutes later light became too bright and the moment was gone…

All in all and exciting morning and again worthwhile to get up so early!

Dwingelderveld: Golden heath

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