February 25, 2012

On February 11th I went to the IJsselmeer in The Netherlands for a photo shoot with fellow photographers Ron ter Burg, Herman Schutte and Ron Buist. Goal was to photograph the sunset over the IJsselmeer. But not just a sunset and not just the IJsselmeer. The two weeks before this shoot, we actually had a real winter. Sometimes with temperatures as low as -15 (or even colder) over night. The freezing conditions created a wonderful arctic landscape. In The Netherlands!

It was a great afternoon. Being able to witness the great ice sculptures nature had created alone was brilliant already. Light and weather conditions were fantastic. This was actually one of those days that it all comes together. While working in these great conditions I actually had that one moment we’re always looking for: you simply know that great image is stored on your card! It’s the photo above.

One of the fun things having photography shoots together with some other photographers is that we sometimes make a photo of each other as well. Ron Buist actually photographed me while I made that single photo I’m so delighted about. So yes, there’s actually a making of …



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