January 18, 2012

Early morning colours This morning I had my first landscape photography session in The Netherlands in 2012. I chose the Lauwersmeer in the most northern part of our province as the location.
Fellow photographer Ton Dijfhamer joined as well and we had a really great morning.

We arrived at the location around 7:45, about an hour before sunrise. Colours were showing up already on the horizon, so we started ‘shooting’ immediately.
The top left photo shows the early morning colours about half an hour before sunrise. Beautiful colours already!

With rapidly changing colours, it was great fun and we took one shot after another. After a while, I took a cup of coffee, sent some tweets, and enjoyed the moment knowing I took some shots to be very happy with and assuming it would be over now.
Surprisingly conditions stayed interesting and I took some more pictures. We kept on going until an hour after sunrise!

Had I already mentioned this was a really great photography morning? 😉

More photos from this session are available in the landscapes gallery.


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