March 3, 2013

You’ve probably noticed it by now: my website has had a full make-over. The last couple of months, while weather conditions were horrible most of the time, I spent many small bits of time to redesign my website. Today is the day to bring it out in the open and let you experience my photos and follow my photographic activities in a new way.

I’ve tried to make the site much cleaner. The homepage is completely new, now showing recent photographic activities and providing links to related photos. The menu at the top provides access to the various photo galleries, interesting links, the contact page for any feedback and the about page, telling more about me. There’s a new sidebar on the right providing search functionality, all available ways to follow my photographic activities and links to a selection of sites where you can actually buy my photos, on canvas for example! Finally, there’s now social media integration. Enjoy the new site!


First sun rays - Leekstermeer, Netherlands

Meanwhile, spring is here! Since long, this morning we actually had some friendly sunshine and temperatures are rising. Sounds like we’re finally entering a photographically much more interesting period. Can’t wait to go out there again. The photo above was taken early spring last year, showing boats ready for the season to come at Leekstermeer, The Netherlands.


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